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“To provide the client both an excellent product and exceptional technology transfer such that the value added by each product provided to the client is recognized for its worth and will be utilized by the client with confidence.”

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RSC Engineers, can help you fulfill the NUCLEAR PROMISE. Our proven ILRT extension projects, internal flooding assessments to support ISI, and support for risk-based component classification under 10CFR50.69 are all tools to support cost reductions while maintaining safety and operability. Contact RSC Engineers about supporting your program..

RSC Engineers, product line is growing. We are expanding to provide training for individuals in specialty aspects of probabilistic risk assessment. Look for a training schedule here soon.

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Over the last 24 years the RSC team has developed client-specific solutions designed to facilitate our customer's ability to manage risk on an informed basis, implement change and achieve facility operational objectives.

RSC supports clients with an efficient and proven set of tools for evaluating complex systems and facilities. The RSC team has the level of expertise to quickly assess and implement an approach to support client projects.

RSC supports the pace of today's needs. The need for faster response to issues is accelerating and RSC has implemented internet-based approaches to quickly support a successful response to facility issues as they arise.

Always, our primary concern is our customers and we are constantly revising our approaches to be receptive to client-identified needs. RSC is committed to supporting the evolution of client staff knowledge.

The RSC staff knows that today's risk analyses must be more rigorous with better quality control to meet the increased usage of risk-based applications.

RSC is committed to supporting the evolution of client staff knowledge. RSC supports clients in training staff personnel by traditional instruction, self-paced long-distance training via the internet, as well as corporate network or intranet.

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